Deep experience in every facet of commercial, industrial, investment and retail real estate experience along with an in-depth understanding of the ports, maritime and related logistics industries is the basis to start developing meaningful strategies towards making ports’ largest asset their most strategic ones.

Approaching each challenge through a multi-disciplined prism of professional expertise ensures that solutions will not only be innovative, but will represent practical and measurable strategies that will be, above all else, market driven. Only in this fashion can you be assured that the investment in our advice will render real returns for your organisation.

Examples of some of the port related property challenges we offer clients include:

  • Acquisitions and disposals of port property assets and leaseholds
  • Property side underwriting due diligence for concessions and Public Private Partnerships schemes
  • Modelling and structuring of leases for port properties to obtain real profits and recapture actual costs
  • Raising debt and equity for development joint ventures for specialised port real estate facilities

Port users, clients and ports themselves are constantly looking to exceed widely available, and readily understood, key performance indicators for their operational assets. Why then is looking to maximize your port’s property based revenues, develop more competitive advantages and enhance the overall value of your port not managed in the same meticulous fashion?  Aegir will provide you with the type of comprehensive, multi-disciplined expert port property advice for you to be able to ‘sweat your real estate assets’ in the most optimal fashion.