Helping you navigate the world of port properties

Why Choose Aegir?

Because your largest port asset – property – demands specialised port property services.

And because we are specifically engineered to meet the unique challenges ports face with their largest balance sheet asset – real estate, with practical, market driven solutions to produce exemplary financial, operational and competitive results.

Established over fourteen years ago, Aegir continues to pioneer in port real estate and with its consulting services. Unlike other port consultants and engineers, Aegir’s sole focus is to address every aspect of a port’s real estate needs, from one off projects to master plan development in conjunction with engineering firms.

We render independent professional port real estate advice, always from the perspective of ‘inside the port’ looking outward, in other words, always seeing how port properties can best support a port’s core business through sharpening a port’s competitive advantages, increasing property based revenue streams and maximizing the value of the port. To do this, we identify challenges, uncover opportunities and deliver solutions across all facets of the port property spectrum, regardless of size, scale, location or complexity.

Aegir, in conjunction with its strategic alliance partner Drewry Maritime Advisors, have the experience, knowledge and market intelligence to deliver the comprehensive in-depth analysis which bridges numerous industry sectors such as port operations, logistics, shipping and of course, port real estate matters to assist in making wise and prudent, market driven port property decisions and execute strategies which will maximise the return of and on capital invested and values in your port property assets.

With offices in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas, a multi-lingual staff and a broad base of knowledge and experience across various industries, Aegir and Drewry are the only consultancy specialised in property services in the maritime and ports sectors.

The principals of Aegir and Drewry have undertaken consultancy assignments in more than fifty countries and on behalf of numerous port authorities and operators, money centre banks, institutional investors, and Global 1,000 firms.

Aegir Port Property Advisers

Port Property Services

Aegir Port Property Advisers

Port Real Estate Services

Our services are a cost effective manner for tenants to obtain the type of data and independent advice necessary to ensure that they achieve the most optimal transaction for their port related facilities needs. For ports, our services ensure that port property assets will achieve meaningful, real returns of and on capital invested with terms and conditions that adequately safeguard the port’s interests.

Aegir Port Property Advisers

Strategic Port Property Asset Management

Ensures an organization’s property portfolio operates at optimal efficiency to create maximum revenues, values and synergies with its core business goals and objectives. Port properties may range from any type of industrial or commercial facility with single or multiple tenancies to vacant land.

Aegir Port Property Advisers

Port Property Valuations And Appraisals

Property, being ports’ largest assets, will increasingly play a major role in the way ports finance their expansion and modernization needs.  Furthermore, senior port management increasingly are looking to have a realistic assessments of the true market value of their port property assets in order to better run their business and make decisions on such things as setting lease rates and throughput charges.

Aegir Port Property Advisers

Port Property Consultancy

Aegir’s diversified port property consultancy services offers a port authority, its terminal operator, user or investor a comprehensive approach to maximizing the financial performance, value and use of its property assets and leaseholds.
At Aegir our focus is to meet the unique property challenges of ports through a multi disciplined comprehensive approach to produce practical, market driven solutions.

Our Clients

Our clients are drawn from across the broad spectrum of the ports, shipping and related logistics, finance and investment industries across the globe.

The common factor running throughout these clients is property and the desire to maximize revenues, enhance values and attain ‘highest and best use’ from port related real property assets. Port authorities, shipping companies, terminal and fleet operators, multinational banks, real estate investors and developers, infrastructure, sovereign wealth and property funds, lawyers, accountants and governments turn to us for specialized port property advice.

Aegir Port Property Advisers

Port Property

Aegir Port Property Advisers

Port Investments

Aegir Port Property Advisers


Aegir Port Property Advisers


Aegir Port Property Advisers

Terminal Operators

Our People

Practical experience, relevant expertise, interminable professional curiosity and a fixation on our client’s bottom line is what defines us.

With its international team of consultants with senior management experience in Fortune 500, global port engineering, major international property, shipping port and logistics companies, Aegir and Drewry effectively bridge the critical gap between the maritime/ports and property industries and view each challenge from a very wide spectrum of experience form multiple related industries. Our clients can therefore be assured that every challenge will be identified, opportunities uncovered and solutions developed to maximise their assets’ financial and operational performance.

With this breadth and scope of experience, our professionals start by leveraging the maximum possible from existing ‘best practices’ and then take this forward, with pioneering new ways to do it ‘better, faster and cheaper’. Our aim: deliver advice that is measurable in the short term to produce exemplary top and bottom line results. Our added value is clear, measurable and unquestionable.

Aegir’s innovative port property services and Drewry’s worldwide board room credibility represents a uniquely integrated, strategic capability to meet the most complex port related property challenge wherever in the world they may exist and however small or large they are.