Because your largest port asset – property – demands specialised port property services.

And because we are specifically engineered to meet the unique challenges ports face with their largest balance sheet asset – real estate, with practical, market driven solutions to produce exemplary financial, operational and competitive results.

Established over fourteen years ago, Aegir continues to pioneer in port real estate and with its consulting services. Unlike other port consultants and engineers, Aegir’s sole focus is to address every aspect of a port’s real estate needs, from one off projects to master plan development in conjunction with engineering firms.

We render independent professional port real estate advice, always from the perspective of ‘inside the port’ looking outward, in other words, always seeing how port properties can best support a port’s core business through sharpening a port’s competitive advantages, increasing property based revenue streams and maximizing the value of the port. To do this, we identify challenges, uncover opportunities and deliver solutions across all facets of the port property spectrum, regardless of size, scale, location or complexity.

Aegir, in conjunction with its strategic alliance partner Drewry Maritime Advisors, have the experience, knowledge and market intelligence to deliver the comprehensive in-depth analysis which bridges numerous industry sectors such as port operations, logistics, shipping and of course, port real estate matters to assist in making wise and prudent, market driven port property decisions and execute strategies which will maximise the return of and on capital invested and values in your port property assets.

With offices in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas, a multi-lingual staff and a broad base of knowledge and experience across various industries, Aegir and Drewry are the only consultancy specialised in property services in the maritime and ports sectors.