The ports industry has been in a state of revolution.  This will not soon change.  Big ships, increasing competition between supply chains, the need for increased investment in infrastructure to process more cargo, faster from the same footprint, a heightened level of intermodal capabilities and pressures to expand is resulting in capital needs outpacing traditional sources of finance and government’s increasing inability to properly fund ports.  This is forcing ports to make sure that all operating and capital assets financially perform at peak efficiency, including their largest one – property.  To ensure this occurs, you need a cross section of highly specialised and proven port real estate services.  At Aegir, this is what we do; all of the time.


Aegir’s port real estate services address the unique challenges and needs of entities and companies such as port authorities and related maritime sectors such as shippers, shipping and distribution companies, maritime service providers, stevedores, terminal operators and others needing to be located at or near ports.  We do this with focused, innovative, practical and market driven strategies that key in on each client’s specific needs. From a tenant’s perspective, this includes overall cost management, effectively addressing their facilities and respective client servicing and future growth needs. From a port’s perspective, this includes considering an asset’s highest and best use, financial goals and objectives and how the asset and its potential use will impact the port portfolio performance and the port’s overall strategic goals.


Our services are not only cost-effective, but represent an excellent return on the investment through the delivery of the type of data, analyses and independent, professional advice necessary to ensure that meaningful financial goals and objectives are achieved and clients’ service expectations exceeded. For ports, our services ensure that port property assets will achieve meaningful, real returns of and on capital invested with terms and conditions that adequately safeguard the port’s interests.
These services include:

  • Acquisition or disposal and leasing of port related properties
  • Highest and Best Use development and building assessments port and port related properties
  • Conducting lease analysis and structuring and lease administration plans for ports
  • Analysing and structuring development joint ventures and build-to-suits for specialised port facilities

Port property challenges have several interrelated business dynamics not readily understood, in a comprehensive manner, by either the traditional port or property expert. Most challenges require the ability to develop, manage and execute well defined and targeted disposal, acquisition and leasing campaigns for port related properties. The ‘shotgun’ approach will cost time and money and rarely produce desired results. This requires an in-depth knowledge of not only industrial, commercial, development and investment real estate, but of the business dynamics and the spectrum of a port’s revenue streams and business model.