Over water transport has become so efficient that it has reached a commodity status, with the difference in services, reliability and cost between major shipping lines and alliances now negligible.  Further compression of supply and logistics chains and cost reductions will now found to be found on the land side of the ‘sea-land’ equation.  Property is the integral, common element linking ports to the maritime and logistics industry. At Aegir, we have long recognized that property is the most underutilized strategic asset a port has and is a port’s new frontier for more efficient client service, revenues and profitability.


Decisions taken about property at or near a port need to be carefully assessed, implemented and managed, as their wide ranging financial, operational and competitive ramifications will impact ports and their shareholders and stakeholders for decades to come.

Properly managed, port real estate will positively impact revenues, result in real competitive advantages, more efficient port supply chains and have positive impacts on a port’s environment, community relations and overall port values.

Aegir’s ability to conduct a wide range of port real estate specific analyses such as ‘highest and best use’ land from a financial standpoint, land expansion strategies and port property strategic leasing plans ensures that every real property asset at your port will perform to its maximum potential from a use, revenue and client needs standpoints.


Through a wide range of port related real estate services, Aegir will:

  • Enhance property asset values
  • Maximise property based revenue streams
  • Reduce real estate related costs
  • Increase port comparative advantages to better attract and retain clients
  • Structure leases to produce real returns on assets and cost recuperation for port facilities and land
  • Ensure port facilities meet exact client needs, are built to ensure longer asset life spans
  • Deliver base line asset values needed to make meaningful decisions regarding leases, joint ventures and public private partnerships
  • Financial diagnostic assessment of port property portfolios to obtain meaningful financial performance benchmarks
  • Port property development analyses and strategies to better negotiate complex Public Private Partnership development joint ventures

Time and again Aegir’s consulting services prove to be an excellent investment with rapid payback and clear positive impacts on your port’s property performance